We've made adjustments to our menu. The following items are NOT offered at this time: Mochiko Chicken, Grilled Garlic Chicken, Chicken Breast, Chow Fun, Yaki Udon, Somen Salad, Chicken Rinds, and Brown Rice. Delivery Service and our Service Package have also been temporarily suspended. We sincerely appreciate your support during this difficult time!

Note: All orders must be placed 3 days in advance!!
  • Minimum of 50 bentos required
  • For every 25 bentos ordered, you may make a different combination. For ex, if you order 75 bentos, you may have 3 different combinations. Each different combination must be added to the cart separately.
  • Each Mini Bento comes in a clear clamshell container with a choice of bedding at a base price of $2.50
  • You can choose our normal black container for $0.25 more
  • If you desire a bedding choice that is not listed, please Contact Us before ordering.

No. of Bentos:      Choice of Bedding:     Choice of Container:

Please choose your entree choices. The entree items are sold by the piece (except for yakisoba or chow fun). For ex., to order 2 pieces of Garlic Chicken, you must use two of the drop-down menus below.

Entree Choice 1:     Entree Choice 2:
Entree Choice 3:

Please choose sides, as many as you wish:

Hot Dog +$1.75     Spam +$1.75     Takuan +$1.05     Ume +$0.50    


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