Note: All orders must be placed 3 days in advance!!
  • Minimum of 50 bentos required
  • For every 25 bentos ordered, you may make a different combination. For ex, if you order 75 bentos, you may have 3 different combinations. Each different combination must be added to the cart seperately.
  • Each Regular Bento comes in a clear clamshell container with a choice of bedding at a base price of $2.75
  • You can choose our normal black container for $0.25 more
  • If you desire a bedding choice that is not listed, please Contact Us before ordering.

No. of Bentos:     Choice of Bedding:    Choice of Container:

Please choose a minimum of 2 entree choices. The entree items items are sold by the piece (except for yakisoba or chow fun). For ex., to order 3 pieces of Garlic Chicken, you must use three of the drop-down menus below.

Entree Choice 1:     Entree Choice 2:
Entree Choice 3:     Entree Choice 4:
Entree Choice 5:

Please choose sides, as many as you wish:

Hot Dog +$1.75     Spam +$1.75     Takuan +$1.05     Ume +$0.50    


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